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Salade de chou frisé et brocoli


Colienne de Roovere, CFNA Certified Nutrition Therapist

How it all began...

Food, cooking and eating well have always fascinated me.

The combination of flavours, colours, textures... I have always been a great gourmet and a great curiosity.

I have a thousand cookbooks on my shelves! However, I used to collect these cookbooks long before I really used them because of "lack of time".

And then one day, I had time... 

As a Marketing and Communication Manager, I worked a lot. After several years of illness, stress and then the arrival of children, I broke down. I often ate poorly, did little or no sport and didn't know how to manage my constant stress. This period of my life was very complicated but it allowed me to question myself and to redesign my priorities.  

I wanted to take care of myself first, but also of my family, my husband and my two children. 

But what to do? I then thought of this quote from Hippocrates: "Let your food be your first medicine" ... It meant everything to me!

So I started studying nutritherapy at the CFNA: studying vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and their impact on our bodies.  I opened all my syllabuses and cookbooks, I started (again) yoga and Nordic walking.

In short, I put taste, calm and movement back into my life!

Once I had my degree, I felt like sharing my knowledge with women by giving them simple and healthy advice to regain energy and vitality.

This is how MoonNutri was born.

What about you? Do you also want to eat healthily and simply?

Contact me. Together, we will set up a gradual dietary change based on taste and pleasure of eating.

Fly me to the moon...

Did you know? 

The role of the nutrition therapist (non-physician) is not to provide medical care. Indeed, it is strictly forbidden to engage in a health practitioner relationship with patients. It is strongly recommended to consult health professionals duly accredited by the competent authorities for any question relating to a pathology.

Fresh Produce


Before starting nutritherapy and cooking classes, I obtained my degree in Commercial and Consular Sciences at the ICHEC in Brussels. I then worked for many years as a Marketing and Communication Manager in well-known supermarket chains.

Once I decided to change direction, I followed the courses and obtained my diploma in nutritherapy at the Centre de Formation en Nutrithérapie Appliquée (CFNA) where I was trained by Doctor Jean-Paul Curtay - one of the world's leading nutritionists - and by Pierre Van Vlodorp, graduate of the Faculty of Fundamental and Applied Sciences of the University of Poitiers in "Physiology & Micronutrition"; naturopath and nutritherapist.

I am also a member of the UDNF (Union des Nutrithérapeutes Francophones).

Each year I maintain my membership in this professional body by keeping up to date with the latest research in nutritherapy through continuing professional development. I am also a member of the UDNF Women's Commission in order to keep up to date with the latest advances in nutritherapy for women.

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